Proofs from digital file

Files will have colour and density correction.

Digital photographic proofs are printed Lustre paper with a choice of borders, edges and standard back printing.

Digital Proof Albums

Digital Proof albums are available in 4 sizes using any of our standard album templates or your own customised template.


  • A4
  • 10" X 8"
  • 10" X 13"
  • 11" X 14"
  • Spiral binding only (Black or White)
  • Black presentation folder with spiral binding
  • Presentation folder black box
  • Colour corrected CD / DVD

Contact Proofs from B&W or Colour Negative

A contact sheet is useful to indicate cropping instructions for final printing.

Best results are obtained from this service when all negatives are of the same desnsity level and exposed to the same lighting conditions.